Competence, quality, reliability

for houshold, gastronomy and industry

901380 Dust pan metall with handle
length total: approx. 74 cm
width: approx. 26 cm

Brush mat with left bar aluminium
Art.-No. 764831 - approx. 40x60 cm
Art.-No. 764848 - approx. 50x80 cm

rollable, high abrasion effect, Nylon 6.6 equipping,
U-profile and left bar aluminum
Thickness:22 mm
Colors: schwarz und anthrazit
Packing unit: 5 pcs.

Alu wire mat SUPERIOR
Art.-No. 764879 - approx. 410x585 mm
Art.-No. 764886 - approx. 480x785 mm

rollable, high abrasion effect, Nylon 6.6 equipping,
Profile distance: 4 mm with brush profile
Thickness:22 mm
Connection: stainless steel wire
Color: anthracite
Packing unit: 2 pcs.

The excellent quality of self-manufactured products and the years of experience within the import – export business have made the trade company Masta to a brand-name in Austria.

In the last few years Masta has also been expanding strongly within the
surrounding regions of Central and Eastern European countries.

Apart from the classic household and cleaning products Masta Production and Sales GmbH has also specialised in the special manufacturing of technical brushes for industrial and commercial companies, for which well-trained skilled workers are available.

The quality standards of the brand-name articles and internationally competitive prices as well as the absolute reliability to the business partners have contributed to the continually increasing company development of the firm MASTA GmbH.

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Masta Production and Sales GmbH
the Stama Commercial GmbH