Besen Kokos

044407 Coco broom natural
top quality, without thread, 28cm
044110 Coco broom natural
top quality, with fixed handle


040000 R 10 natural pure hair
without thread, 28cm
042100 RM 10 natural
hair mixture, without thread, 28cm
040400 R 27 natural
pure hair, without thread and edge, 28cm
040440 R 27 natural
with fixed handle wood


040632 R 10 natural lacquered, pure hair, with thread, 28cm
040642 R 10 natural lacquered, with handle metal
042032 R-D 10 lacquered, pure hair with thread, 29,5cm
042042 R-D 10, with handle metal

Besen R 10 Kehrmeister

041634 R 10 Master sweeper
flagged pure hair, two-coloured lacquered with
thread, 28cm
041644 R 10 Master sweeper
with handle metal
041654 R 10 Master sweeper
with handle wood natural lacquered

Besen RM 10 lackiert mit Stiel metall

042231 RM 10 red lacquered
hair mixture, with thread, 28cm
042241 RM 10 red lacquered
with handle metal
043849 Broom 80/20 hair mixture
plastik body with thread and handle metal, 28cm


045100 Hallbroom R 40cm, pure hair
045200 Hallbroom R 50cm, pure hair
045300 Hallbroom R 60cm, pure hair
045500 Hallbroom R 80cm, pure hair
045600 Hallbroom R 100cm, pure hair


046100 Hallbroom RM 40cm, hair mixture
046200 Hallbroom RM 50cm, hair mixture
046300 Hallbroom RM 60cm, hair mixture
046500 Hallbroom RM 80cm, hair mixture
046600 Hallbroom RM 100cm, hair mixture

Saalbesen Kokos

047156 Hallbroom Coco 40cm, top quality
047354 Hallbroom Coco 60cm, top quality
047552 Hallbroom Coco 80cm, top quality

Haushaltsbesen - Resilenbesen

050029 Household broom coloured
with handle metal
050129 Resilenbroom with handle metal

Terrassenbesen - Zauberbesen

050095 Terracebroom rough/fine
with handle metal 130 cm
050329 Magicbroom graded
with handle metal 120 cm


061400 Straw broom 6-seam
handle coloured lacquered, top quality

061100 Straw broom 4-seam
top quality
061411 Straw broom 5-seam
natural lacquered


061200 Small straw brush
length approx. 41,5cmwith handle natural lacquered,
061213 Straw broom for children
handle natural lacquered, length approx. 100cm


061428 Workshop broom „Robustica“
Straw and Piasava


061503 Bamboo broom approx. 2,2mt

Scopi Besen - Werkstattbesen

050231 Scopi broom
with handle wood
061300 Workshop broom Samson
with handle wood

Bassinebesen Elaston

060200 Bassine broom Elaston, 29cm
060210 Bassine broom Elaston
with handle wood fixed
060000 Bassine broom 4row, brown, 29cm
060010 Bassine broom 4row
with handle wood fixed


060500 Road broom Piasava 40cm
071160 Pavement broom 40cm
with fixed handle holder
071260 Pavement broom 60cm
with fixed handle holder


070000 Road broom 30cm
Elaston crimped, top quality
070300 Road broom 40cm
Elaston crimped, top quality


070100 Road broom E-D 30cm, Elaston smooth
070400 Road broom E-D 40cm, Elaston smooth
060600 Road broom E 50cm, Elaston smooth
060700 Road broom E 60cm, Elaston smooth
060800 Road broom E 80cm, Elaston smooth


070529 Garden broom green/yellow
with metalscraper, handle holder and handle metal
043875 Broom Vienna
with handle , DM 28 mm with handle

Road broom "our strongest"
Art.-Nr. 070574

Size of wooden body: 400x70x30 mm

steel wire broom
Art.-No. 070581

size: 300x70 mm
6 strings with round wire
not ammonia resistant!!


070703 Road broom E 40cm
Elaston rough/fine two colored, top quality

all street brooms are also available with handle holder metal flat, metal 28mm
diameter and the suitable handle wood fixed! Assembly € 0,25 net/pc.

Beco Wischer - Schrubber

010500 Beco wiper plain nylon, 40cm
011100 Beco scrubber root plain, 22,5cm

011400 Beco scrubber plain nylon, 22,5cm

Beco Saalbesen

012500 Beco hallbroom R 40cm, plain, pure hair
012600 Beco hallbroom RM 40cm, plain, hair mixture
012800 Beco hallbroom RM 60cm, plain, hair mixture
012900 Beco hallbroom Coco 40cm, plain


020009 Beco patent-handle metal 150cm
020200 Beco patent-handle wood 140cm


020432 Handle wood plain, with cone, 28mm Ø, 180cm long
020400 Handle wood plain, without thread, 28mm Ø, 160cm long
021032 Handle wood natural lacquered, with thread, 23,5mm Ø,
140cm long
020418 Handle wood plain, without thread, 23,5mm Ø, 160cm long
020330 Handle wood plain, with thread, 23,5mm Ø, 140cm long
020300 Handle wood plain, without thread 23,5mm Ø,
140cm long


020647 Alu-handle 140cm long
suitable to all mop
020639 Handle metal
with thread, 23,5mm Ø, 130cm long, colours

Alustiel - Teleskopstiel

021500 Alu-handle for bus-washer
approx. 1,80mt
021400 Extension handle with cone

Stielhalter - Siegergewinde

022100 Handle holder metal flat
23,5mm Ø
022405 Handle holder metal flat
28mm Ø
022412 Handle holder plastic
23,5mm Ø

Power-stick thread

022300 Power-stick thread

Universal Handle-Hood

900635 Universal Handle-Hood
pack of 3, good adherent, gum

Besen- und Gerätehalterung

901205 Broom and Equipment Holder

901120 Broom and Equipment holder

Besen- und Gerätehalter

901120 Broom and Equipment holder


033203 Handbrush coco
plain, top quality, 35,5cm long
030000 Handbrush R 5 plain
pure hair, 35,5cm long
032100 Handbrush RM 5 plain
hair mixture, 35,5cm long


030904 Handbrush Master sweeper top quality
pure hair flagged, two coloured, 35,5cm long
030102 Handbrush R 5 natural lacquered
pure hair, 35,5cm long
032301 Handbrush RM 5 red lacquered
hair mixture, 35,5cm long


034200 Handbrush M 5 plain
Tricovil flagged, 35,5cm long

All products of our hygiene assortment are produced in accordance with the HACCP-regulations of the European Union’s food-industry.