Nitril Gloves
100 pcs. in a box
disposal gloves in blue, powder-free

Size S
Art.-Nr. 895108

Art.-Nr. 895207

Art.-Nr. 895306

Art.-Nr. 895405

901694 ball of rubber bands
sorted in 45x3 und 50x3 mm, 100 gr.

892510 cord in box
50 mt. cord with cutter, food safe

Clothes pegs

540022 Clothes pegs 50pcs/pack., PPN
540015 Clothes pegs 20pcs/pack., PPN,
540009 Clothes pegs 20pcs/pack., PPN
540039 Clothes pegs 12pcs/pack., PPN,
x-large, extra-strong, approx. 9,3 cm
540100 Clothes pegs 20pcs/pack., wood

Clothes Pegs

540121 Clothes Pegs Superior
12 pcs./pack., break-proof

Clothes pegs basket

540209 Clothes pegs basket with 20 pegs
540213 Clothes pegs basket PRIMA
with 20 pegs extra large, top quality

clothes line

540309 Clothes line 20mt with PPN-core
540312 Clothes line 50mt, with PPN-core
540572 Clothes line 60mt with steel-wire-core
spare line for laundry spider
540565 Clothes line 30mt with steel-wire-core


700100 Carpet-beater size 3, CANE

Abstauber - Staubwedel

710420 Duster twisted with extension handle 1,5mt
710432 Duster „Triangle“ with extension handle 3mt
710009 Feather duster coloured antistatic
710330 Feather duster coloured with extension handle

Duster lambswool

710609 Duster lambswool
with thread
710517 Duster lambswool
with long handle 1,5mt

Radiator brush

230305 Radiator brush long - conical goat bristles
antistatic with wooden-grip, total length 119cm
230200 Radiator brush straight
pure bristle, length all over 75cm


230000 Radiator brush angled
bristle mixture
230100 Radiator brush oval
bristle mixture


302600 Holy water sprinkler bristle
with handle

Mausefalle - Rattenfalle

891200 Mousetrap single
891300 Mousetrap pack of 2
Poly packed
891400 Rat trap


Art.No. 892725

12x PPN cord white, approx. 250m, Art.No. 892800
20x hemp twine 3/3, dia. 1,5mm, approx. 80m, Art.No. 892336
40x twine fine, approx. 40m, Art.No. 892500
40x twine medium strong, approx. 20m, Art.No. 892600
40x twine strong, approx. 10m, Art.No. 892700

cord green/white - nylon cord

892824 Cord green/white 400mt
892800 Nylon cord white 250mt


892320 Hemp-cord 3/3 500gr.,
ø 1,5mm, approx. 190-200m
892330 Hemp-cord 2/1 500gr.,
ø 2,0mm, approx. 90-100m
892336 Hemp-cord 3/3 200gr.,
ø 1,5mm, approx. 75-80m
892343 Hemp-cord 2/4 100gr.,
ø 1,1mm, approx. 75-80mt

Sisalkordel - Wurstzwirn

892435 Sisal-cord doubly, 50mt
894248 Sausage linen thread 100mt


892300 Cords box
contents 30 balls, 10 of each in different thickness
892400 Cord extra-fine 60mt
892500 Cord fine 40mt
892600 Cord medium 20mt
892700 Cord strong 10mt

Guest slippers Relax

891162 Guest slippers Relax in large slipper
sorted designs, 5 sorted sizes 35-44

Kleiderbügel - Haftklammern - Hosenklemmbügel - Rockspanner

893870 Coat hanger metal
with clips, T540
893820 Trouser clamp metal
non-slip, T580
893840 Skirt press metal
for all sizes, T490

Kleiderbügel - Hosenspanner

893910 Coat hanger lacquered wood
with pastified strap, 139R
894279 Coat hanger lacquered wood 139, piece of 3
893930 Coat hanger with strap lacquered, 139
893920 Coat hanger wood lacquered 129
894262 Coat hanger wood lacquered 129, piece of 3
893940 Trouser hanger lacquered with felt-inset 456P
894293 Coat hanger wood lacquered 456P pack of 3


894385 Coat hanger plastic pack of 10
894378 Coat hanger plastic pack of 4