200000 Scrubbing brush 95/B root, with edge, 22cm
200500 Scrubbing brush 181 root, tapered/round 22cm
200600 Scrubbing brush 181 fibre, tapered/round 22cm
200700 Scrubbing brush 181 grilon, tapered/round 22cm
200800 Scrubbing brush 181 nylon, tapered/round 22cm
200200 Scrubbing brush 178 root, tapered/round 20cm
200300 Scrubbing brush 178 grilon, tapered/round 20cm

Waschbürste Nylon

201600 Laundry brush nylon
plastic back, 18,5cm
201500 Laundry brush nylon
biscuit shape, 16cm
904053 Vegetable-Brush
with scraper edge

Schrubber Fiber

202130 Scrubber fibre, with thread 22cm
202230 Scrubber nylon, with thread 22cm
202330 Scrubber synthetic root, with thread 22cm
202430 Scrubber root, with thread 22cm

Schrubber Magnum

202609 Scrubber Magnum
plastic back, two coloured assembly, 26,5cm
202649 Scrubber Magnum
plastic back, 26,5cm, two coloured assembly with handle metal white


202661 Synthetic Scrubber 28cm. Quick-release fastener holds any cleaning-cloths.
202678 Synthetic Scrubber 28cm. Quick-release fastener holds any cleaning-cloths. White metall-handle.


220000 Carpet brush root, 36cm
220100 Carpet brush synthetic root, 36cm
220200 Carpet brush fibre, 36cm
220403 Carpet brush synthetic root
lacquered wood, 34,5cm

Pastabürste - Rauhlederbürste

271300 Shoe cream brush light
wood plain 17cm
271400 Shoe cream brush dark
wood plain 17cm
271600 Shoe cream brush pack of 2
wood plain, 17cm, self-service


280000 Shoe polishing brush SH-D light
wood plain 16cm
280100 Shoe polishing brush SH-D dark
wood plain 16cm
280200 Mud brush PPN-D dark
wood plain, 18,5cm

Glanzbürste - Kotbürste

280810 Shoe polishing pure hair
dark, lacquered wood back, top quality, 19cm
280800 Shoe polishing pure hair
light, lacquered wood back, top quality, 19cm
280820 Mud brush UNION
lacquered wood back, top quality, 18,5cm


240103 Clothes brush pure bristle
lacquered back, 17,5cm