“Iron” Toni (1911 to 2001)

Anton Mattes

In 1911 Anton Mattes was born as the first son of five children during a time of miserable conditions in Karlsdorf, Lower Austria.

The job as brushmaker was the only apprenticeship that he could do in the region during the mid twenties. He worked from the age of 13 to 16 only for food – most of the time 12 hours a day. Then he had to “go on the road” because his master couldn’t pay him any longer.

His time on the road finally ended in the Tyrol. There he met his wife Elfriede, who he married in 1934. Just in time before the general ban on trades of the world economic crisis during the thirties Toni received his trade licence as a brushmaker master. So, at the beginning, he could more or less stand on his own two feet. By night in the room where the young couple both lived and worked, he produced brushes and brooms, which he then sold to farmers or exchanged them for food by day. Due to his will of iron, by 1935 Anton Mattes had already managed to lead a small workshop consisting of a few employees (see photo). 

In the year 1948 Anton Mattes completed the construction of the building in Vomp, which was used for both living and business purposes. At the same time he could begin for the first time with the mechanical production of brooms and brushes.

In 1965 Mr. Mattes purchased his own brush-wood production in Mieders, which he equipped with the most modern machines.

In 1968 the company building in Vomp was enlargened. However, even the new larger capacity soon became too small during the booming seventies. Therefore, the construction of the current, modern administration and production building was started in 1976. The Mattes Brush Factory changed from a commercial enterprise to an industrial company.

Mr. Anton Mattes officially stepped back as managing director in 1976 and transferred the business competence to his daughter Margit and her husband Heinz Stadler. Nevertheless he never stopped working also as an old-age pensioner.
Mr. Mattes died on July, 28 2001 at the age of 90years. After a long, hard-working but also prosperous life it was granted to him to stay in an astonishing mental and physical conditon until a few months before his death which allowed Mr. Mattes to enjoy his pension and actively participate in "his" company until the end of his life.