entrepreneurial talent and charismatic personality

Heinz Stadler

On 28 December 1939 Heinz Stadler was born as the eldest son of a tailor master Johann and his wife Lucia Stadler in poor conditions in Absam, Tyrol.

Already as a tiny tot his talents were put to the test. He organized food for his family from the surrounding farms, he even exchanged his toys and proved his born sense of egotiating skills.

This gift predestined him to be a business man. Soon after graduation he began his career as a salesman for smoked bacon and cold meats. Within a short time he literally pedalled his way to a star salesman, as his first routes had to be made by bike.

In 1963 he married Margit Stadler, the daughter of brushmaker Anton Mattes. They had two children, Tamara and Marcus.

During the booming sixties and seventies Heinz Stadler played an important role in the advancement of the company Mattes from a purely brush and broom manufacturer to an internationally orientated commercial trading company.

Heinz Stadler’s business success was closely connected to his charismatic personality. Even as a wealthy man, Heinz remained modest, uncomplicated and a happy-natured soul. His striking ability to talk and make contacts opened doors for him wherever he went. He was particularly well-liked due to his humour and his joy of life.Nothing was further from his mind than complaining, during his entire lifetime right to the end.

On May 6th, 1998 Heinz Stadler passed away at the age of 59, after a long, courageously endured time of suffering.